Surat: The 13-year-old boy, who died of Covid-19 infection on Monday, was also suffering from muscular dystrophy since birth
The boy, Dhruv, son of textile unit owner Bhavesh Korat, was admitted in a private hospital on Sunday night after he suffered breathing problems and he died within a few hours.
The family members informed the hospital that they did not notice any Covid-19 symptoms in him before he started having breathing problems.
“When brought, Dhruv was suffering from an acute respiratory condition. He was put on a ventilator but his organs were not responding to the treatment and he died in a few hours,” said Dr Himanshu Tadvi of Saachi Hospital.
Dr Tadvi said, “Dhruv tested positive in the rapid antigen test at the clinic where he was checked first. Chest CT-scan also confirmed that he had pneumonia due to Covid19. We could not conduct RT-PCR since his condition was critical when brought
Dhruv’s family informed the hospital that he was taking treatment for muscular dystrophy since childhood. “Dhruv had muscular dystrophy since birth which was detected when his growth was hampered after he turned three years old. He could not walk or move on his own since then,” said Mehul, Dhruv’s uncle.
“Due to the illness his bones, heart and lungs were also weak and doctors had informed us that he would live 15 to 20 years maximum,” added Mehul.

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