ABP News vs Corona E conclave 2: The Managing Director of MG Motors, Rajeev Chaba while speaking at ABP News organised India vs Corona 2.0 Conclave revealed how the company fought against the Covid induced Pandemic. 

In an exlcusive conversarion, Rajeev Chaba told how the company made ventilators and provided them to the needy. The company also made sure that no layoffs were made and the salaries were given on time too. 

“We provided 200 beds for the corona-infected patinets. We helped a firm in gujarat in increasing the production of medical oxygen. We did not lay off onyone during the first wave as well as the second wave of Coronavirus. We told our employees that we may not be able to raise your salary but we will not fire you,” Rajeev said.

In addition to this, the firm provided ventilators, ambulances and vehicles to help doctors, medical staff and police amid the lockdown. 


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