ABP India vs Corona Conclave 2: By showcasing utmost sensitivity in this hour of crisis, Kellogg India was able to power through during the Covid pandemic. Mohit Anand, MD for Kellogg India & South Asia spoke to ABP News how the company began the Kellogg care programme. 

According to Anand, when the pandemic began the company realized that only two things will matter – lives & livelihood. 

He also revealed that the programme kept adapting to the needs of their employees and people who worked with them, as initially the programme was focused on sanitation norms and safety norms which gradually expanded to mental health checks too. 

“We brought global best practises to ensure that our factories kept running smoothly and under the safest conditions.”

“Apart from this, during the second wave, we worked on medical response. We brought ambulances to people in 15 minutes, provided doctors facility, fulfilled the need of oxygen,” Anand was heard saying. 

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