Corona Jagrukta Series: All citizens above age of 45 should get vaccinated at the earliest, says Dr V K Paul

AIR Pics

All India Radio News has been at the forefront on raising awareness on COVID-19 among the citizens, since the first Corona virus case was reported in India. All India Radio started a Special Public Outreach Programme – Corona Jagrukta Series in March last year. Renowned doctors from famous hospitals participated in the program and responded to various queries from citizens.


It completed its 350th Episode yesterday. In the landmark episode, NITI Aayog Member and Chairman of National COVID-19 Task Force Dr. V. K. Paul took part and answered the queries of listeners.


Dr. Paul hoped the vaccination drive that will begin from tomorrow, in which all the people above the age of 45 are going to be given the Covid-19 Jab will play a major role in containing the pandemic. He said all the citizens above the age of 45 should get vaccinated at the earliest. He also said that getting vaccinated is a social responsibility and a life saving mission too.


This vaccination will not only save the individual from the infection, but also save the society at large. He reiterated that the Covid19 vaccines, being administered in India are safe and will act as a shield against the highly infectious disease.

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