All but one of the school districts in the 10-community Sun Chronicle area reported zero cases of coronavirus for the week ending May 26, according the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

That one exception was Attleboro, which reported three cases among students.

The total of three cases area-wide is 17 fewer than was reported by DESE for the week ending May 19, which is an 85 percent reduction.

Over the previous four weeks ending May 19, May 12, May 5 and April 28 there were 20, 20, 27 and 27 cases reported, respectively, in area communities.

The drop in cases reflects a statewide decline over the same time period among the general population, from 9,108 to 1,723. That’s a drop of 81 percent.

Sometimes the number of state-reported cases and city-reported cases are different because the state does not report cases among those students and staff members who did not enter a school during the seven-day period under review.

Attleboro reports all cases.

The three new cases in Attleboro brings the total for May to 22.

All but one were among students and all were contracted outside of school, according to school officials.

The 22 cases recorded for May is the lowest total since 23 were recorded in October and it’s the second lowest total since September which recorded 13.

However, September was not a full month of school.

To date, Attleboro has reported 508 cases among students and staff since school began in September.

According to school officials only two of the cases can be traced to in-school exposure.

Students have been afflicted with 432 of the cases and staff members have been hit with 76.

The 508 cases equal about 7.6 percent of the approximately 6,700 students and staff members that make up the district’s population.

That percentage is 1.9 points lower than the 9.5 percent of state residents who have had confirmed cases of disease.

Statewide the number of cases among students and staff fell from 407 for the week ending May 19 to 250 for the week ending May 26.

That’s a reduction of 157 cases or 39 percent.

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