Maharashtra cases

The Thane Municipal Corporation has taken a raft of measures to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Coronavirus live updates: India has recorded 53,480 cases recorded in the last 24 hours. With the latest addition, the country’s tally has soared to 12,149,335, according to MoHFW. With active cases hitting 552,566, India is now the 6th-worst hit country. The death toll from the deadly infection jumped to 162,502.

Maharashtra has witnessed a dip in daily novel coronavirus cases count as the state reported over 27,000 infections in the last 24 hours as against over 31,000 cases recorded on 29 March. With 27,918 Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, the state tally has now reached 2,773,436. With fewer tests conducted on the occasion of Holi, Delhi reported just 992 cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) on Tuesday, which is the lowest number of infections in a week. There were 36,757 tests conducted on Monday – reported a day later in Tuesday’s bulletin – in comparison to over 83,000 tests conducted daily on average during the last seven days.

The five most affected states by total cases are Maharashtra (2,773,436), Kerala (1,119,542), Karnataka (989,804), Andhra Pradesh (899,812), and Tamil Nadu (881,752).

World coronavirus update: Coronavirus cases rise unabated across the globe with 128,777,066 infected by the deadly contagion. While 103,903,669 have recovered, 2,814,830 have died so far. The US remains the worst-hit country with 31,096,331, followed by Brazil, India, France and Russia. However, it terms of the total number of active cases, US tops the charts, followed by France, Brazil, Belgium, Italy and India.

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