I am a 67-year-old male with fairly severe comorbidities (asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc). If I get COVID-19, there’s a pretty good chance I’m a goner. The governor said I was eligible for a vaccination starting Friday, but apparently, Champaign County disagreed. I know that many of my health conditions are the result of my own poor life choices, but I have three questions: Can an exception to Champaign County’s 75-and-older rule be made for someone like me? If not, how long will I or someone like me have to wait? Can I go to another county and wait in line?

A: Champaign County did not disagree with the decision to move people who are 65 and older into the 1B category from 1C. There are, however, many groups included in 1B, far too many to vaccinate at the same time.

We do not have enough vaccine to vaccinate them all at once, so, like we do with all levels, we have to prioritize. It was not a difficult decision to move people 75 and older to the top of the list in 1B, as they have the highest mortality.

People who are 65 and older with underlying health conditions started receiving vaccines Friday.

Everyone must be vaccinated in the county they live or work in.

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