Senior members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) lambasted Yoga Guru Ramdev over his recent remarks on doctors who succumbed to Covid-19. In a viral video, the co-founder of Patanjali Yogapeeth can also be seen calling allopathy a “stupid science”.

Earlier on Monday, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan had asked Ramdev to retract his comments. In a letter to Ramdev, the minister said, “The statement disrespects the corona warriors and hurt the sentiments of the country.”

According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), at least 400 doctors have died in the second wave of Covid-19 infections. Delhi, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh accounted for most of these fatalities.

Doctors question credibility of Coronil

Secretary General of the IMA, Dr Jayesh Lele on Monday questioned the credibility of claims made by Ramdev in connection with Patanjali’s Coronil. “Ramdev does not have a WHO certification for Coronil,” said the IMA functionary.

A member of Ramdev’s team, Dr Anurag responded by saying, “We have conducted a double blinded study which has been published in renowned international journals. In the study, we also conducted in-vitro validation.”

The IMA functionary goes on to ask Ramdev why Covid-19 claimed so many lives if the units of Coronil he sold were effective.

“I am not saying remove the patient from ventilator support. I am saying we have proof that it cured people who were asymptomatic, mid or even those who were severe and had up to 50 per cent lung infection. We have the data,” says Ramdev.

Was reading WhatsApp message, says Ramdev

IMA functionary Dr Jayesh Lele said a notice has been sent to Ramdev over his remarks on allopathy and doctors. FIRs have also been registered against him, added Lele.

Criticising Ramdev’s remarks in the harshest terms, the IMA functionary said, “We have not said anything against ayurveda then why is he commenting against allopathy? People from across the world are laughing at his statements.”

In response, Ramdev claimed he was reading out a ‘WhatsApp message’ and the remarks were not his own. “I have never denied the role of doctors,” he added.

Challenge Ramdev to stay in Covid ward: Former IMA chief

“This morning, he [Ramdev] quoted the issue of the deaths of thousands of doctors to say that if they could not save themselves [from Covid], how would they save others,” said former IMA president Dr Rajan Sharma. Did Ramdev think about the families of those doctors, Sharma asked.

Sharma went on to challenge Ramdev to work in a Covid-19 ward for three weeks.

“We are treating Covid-19 patients based on research. India’s death rate is 2 per cent because of its doctors,” said IMA Secretary General Dr Jayesh Lele.

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