COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Surge Team member Evan Scott sorts coronavirus specimen collection kits brought in by a courier Sept. 4 at the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory in Cheyenne. The Surge Team members were brought on to help process the massive numbers of kits brought in to the lab from state wide health facilities to be tested at the lab. Any identifying patient information has been edited out of the photo.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Wyoming grew by 83 on Friday, with the number of confirmed cases rising by 58 and the number of probable cases rising by 25, according to the Wyoming Department of Health’s daily update.

Additionally, 79 new coronavirus recoveries were announced: 49 confirmed and 30 probable.

Numbers to know

Active cases: 244 (440 including probable cases)

Hospitalized patients: 20 (down one from Thursday)

Deaths: 705 (two announced this week, five announced this month)

First vaccine doses received: 227,420 (116,220 Pfizer, 111,200 Moderna)

First vaccine doses given: 169,015

Second vaccine doses received: 168,795 (89,895 Pfizer, 78,900 Moderna)

Second vaccine doses given: 134,167

One-time vaccine doses received: 25,600 (Johnson & Johnson)

One-time vaccine doses given: 10,093

Are we trending up or down?

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