Press Release from the Wiesbaden city government, 09 JUNE 2021

Courtesy Translation: Nadine Bower, Community Relations

Additional relaxations: Corona rules for incidence below 50

Today, Wednesday, June 9, the Hessen Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration (HMSI) announced on its website the downgrading of the state capital Wiesbaden to the so-called “state level 2”, beginning on Thursday, June 10. This will bring numerous simplifications for citizens. This has been made possible by the joint disciplined effort of the population.

“We are pleased that the gradual return to more normality is finally continuing for the state capital Wiesbaden. We continue to appeal to all citizens to consistently comply with the rules of distance and hygiene. We are not out of the woods yet, but we are on the right track,” say Lord Mayor Gert-Uwe Mende and Mayor and Head of Health Dr. Oliver Franz.

The second stage takes effect as soon as the incidence after level 1 is below 100 for an additional 14 consecutive days or as soon as it is below 50 for five consecutive days. “State Level 2”, as it is laid down in the Corona Facility Protection Ordinance as well as in the Corona Contact and Operating Restriction Ordinance of the Hessen state government, essentially means the following from 10 June onwards:

– Contact rules: Two households or 10 persons (vaccinated/recovered/children under 15 do not count)

– Shopping/retail: All stores open with access restrictions and mask requirement; current test is recommended

– Restaurants/tourism: Indoors – with conditions – open: current test, distance, seat obligation, contact details, etc. Outside – with conditions – open: distance, seat obligation, contact details, etc. Current test recommended.

– Clubs & discotheques: opening as a bar/gastronomy possible

– Hotels, holiday homes, youth hostels, campsites – under certain conditions – open; in places with shared facilities: capacity utilization max. 75 percent, test on arrival + twice a week

– Sports: Team sports – with hygiene requirements – possible. Current test recommended. Swimming pools open.

– Culture and leisure: open with conditions (also interiors of amusement parks). Current test recommended.

– Events: Indoors up to 100 (unvaccinated) people – with conditions – possible: current test, contact data collection, etc.. More participants possible in individual cases. Outdoor events: Up to 200 (unvaccinated) people. Current test recommended.

– Services/personal care: open with conditions: mandatory appointment, mandatory contact data collection. Current test recommended.

– Kita/childcare: Regular operations under pandemic conditions

– School: All students face-to-face lessons, mandatory testing twice a week

The continuing mask obligation must still be observed

For the electronic omission of the contact data, the use of the comfortable-to-use Luca app is possible, via which contact tracing is easily possible, especially for the health department; in addition, it is still possible to fill out corresponding paper-based contact tracing forms. The possibility of using the Luca app is made visible in the individual facilities via clearly visible notices and QR codes.

All opening steps depend on the successful continuation of low infection rates. Therefore, the well-known rules (keep your distance, hygiene, wear a mask in everyday life and ventilate regularly) must continue to be adhered to in a disciplined manner. If the 7-day incidence rises again above 50 or 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, further measures will have to be adopted or the restrictions of the federal emergency brake will take effect again.

There are now numerous rapid test centers in the state capital Wiesbaden. If such a rapid test turns out positive, the affected person is required to take a PCR test and to quarantine until the PCR test result is available. A PCR test is possible at the following test sites if a certificate of a positive rapid test is presented: DRK Flachstraße 6, DRK Platz der deutschen Einheit, Johanniter Biebricher Straße 18, Johanniter Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule, Johanniter Hornbach Kurt-Hebach-Straße 1, Johanniter Kita Rosel and Josef Stock, Geschwister-Stock-Platz 1, Johanniter Kita Toni-Sender-Haus, Rudolf-Dyckerhoff-Straße 30, Johanniter Kita Wallufer Platz, Praeventia Consulting mobile team, Praeventia Consulting Hans-Böckler-Straße 1A, Praeventia Consulting Willy-Brandt-Allee 17.

A PCR test is possible at the following locations if a rapid test was carried out on site: ASB Bierstadter Straße 49, CoviMedical Local Administration Sonnenberg, CoviMedical XXXL-Lutz Äppelallee 69. PCR test for self-payers: CovieMedical (locations see above), Trobasept RMCC.

The state capital Wiesbaden is warning again of corona scammers. Cases that have been reported said that fraudsters have contacted senior citizens by telephone and pretended to be employees of the health department. Under the pretext that an electronic proof of vaccination was supposed to be created, personal data was requested or the correctness of existing data was confirmed. In one case, bank account details were also disclosed. After a short time, a large amount of money was taken from the account, whereupon the victim filed a criminal complaint. The creation of the electronic vaccination certificate is still in the preparation stage and is currently being tested in a few vaccination centers in Hessen. The final implementation has not yet been finally decided upon. According to current information, there will be no cost to citizens. The health department definitely does not need bank details for its work.

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