Inflammation can also result in an overdrive where your body can end up feeling fatigued and drained. Malaise and a constant feeling of encountering sluggishness is commonly reported.

The best way to counter these side-effects is to moderate your diet and lifestyle and ‘prep’ up your immune system to ensure that it delivers appropriate responses.

Before the day of your vaccination, get good sleep to minimize side-effects made worse by stress and poor sleep. Eating well, pre and post getting the shot will also ensure that you beat tiredness and fatigue, without having to pop in painkillers.

Dehydrated tongue, when the surface of your tongue looks white is a sign that you need to have more water. Hydration, and relying on refreshing juices, ORS salts and nourishing fluids can also manage symptoms and side-effects well.

To know about the best foods to eat after your vaccination, here’s what a doctor wants you to know.

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