CLEVELAND, Ohio – Read more about winter storm fallout across the country and additional bad weather, get updates on immigration changes, check in on the latest coronavirus news and see more stories trending online today.

Top stories

Lawmakers to introduce Biden’s immigration bill, including pathway to citizenship for 11 million (USA Today)

East Coast to see snow, ice, flash flooding and possible tornado from storm (ABC News)

How ‘topsy turvy’ polar vortex brought record freeze to Texas (NBC)

Winter storm continues to hammer businesses (CNN)

Millions in U.S. try to find ways to stay warm as power outages continue (AP)

The parts of Texas not on its ERCOT power grid appear to have weathered the freeze with few outages (Yahoo)

Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance robot heads for daunting landing (BBC)

NAACP lawsuit will put Trump “out of business,” Congressman Bennie Thompson says (CBS)

Coronavirus news

Covid-19 variants could fuel another surge. Fauci says we have two powerful tools against them (CNN)

CDC gearing up to track three COVID variants in U.S. (Bloomberg)

CDC says winter storm is disrupting COVID-19 vaccine distribution (CBS)

Bill Gates says J&J and Novavax Covid vaccines still retain ‘a lot of capability’ against variants (CNBC)

American Life Expectancy Dropped By A Full Year In The First Half Of 2020 (NPR)

FBI, US Attorney investigating NY Gov. Cuomo administration handling of nursing home crisis: Report (Fox)

Other trending headlines

Rush Limbaugh, ‘voice of American conservatism,’ has died (AP)

Demi Lovato shares the aftermath of drug overdose in trailer for ‘Dancing With the Devil’ doc (Yahoo)

Interactive Brokers chair says financial system came ‘dangerously close’ to failure during GameStop mania (CNBC)

Emma Stone is ‘brilliant, bad and a little bit mad’ in first ‘Cruella’ trailer (Today)

Facebook ‘unfriends’ Australia: news pages go dark in test for global publishing (Forbes)

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