Five Israelis were arrested Thursday on suspicion that they disturbed the peace at a Jerusalem coronavirus hotel Wednesday night, a police spokesperson reported. Footage shows Israelis, who had recently returned from Dubai and were taken to a coronavirus hotel, flipping tables and knocking over a partition at a coronavirus hotel Thursday morning. The Israelis were reportedly upset that they had not been able to appeal their quarantine in a coronavirus hotel, according to Israeli media.”When we landed, people were very upset and angry that there was no one to talk to,” a passenger told N12. “The people to blame are the representatives of the State of Israel who threw us in a hotel without reaching out to us or hearing us at all.”Against the backdrop of the discovery of more cases of the South African mutation in the country, some of which were brought into Israel by travelers returning from the United Arab Emirates, the government approved requiring all returnees on flights from Dubai to stay in state-run coronavirus hotels.In another incident involving Israelis returning from Dubai earlier this week, two Israelis, flying back to Israel, refused to wear their masks despite mandatory coronavirus regulations and repeated instruction from the flight crew to do so, N12 reported.The two reportedly refused to put on their masks because they were eating sunflower seeds.Israel Police met the passengers on the plane when it landed at Ben-Gurion Airport, and escorted them from the plane. A complaint against them was filed with the police, according to N12.

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman contributed to this report.

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