“The Bucs have been a great escape for everybody in the Tampa Bay area, much like the Lightning.”

-Miles McConnell, General Manager, Jackson’s Bistro, Bar & Sushi

Missing out on millions.

It’s the plight of so many restaurants and event venues during this Super Bowl week as the pandemic continues to make gathering in large crowds dangerous.

Jackson’s Bistro, Bar and Sushi restaurant spent Super Bowl Week 2009 packed with partiers and reality television stars.

Big Fun. Big Money.

Now, with this Life in the Time of Coronavirus, things are markedly different.

And it comes to the corporate-sponsored parties.

“And normally, the teams and the corporations from out of town come in at least a week prior to the game. That’s not even the case this year. The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t even here yet,” said McConnell.

McConnell says he’s sees a few small parties going on the night before the Super Bowl, and they are having an event as well, but it would normally be “ten-fold.”

McConnell says despite dealing with the financial loss, he’s just glad to have weathered this pandemic storm so far.

 “From a strictly business standpoint, that that can be a little depressing. But at the same time, we’re extremely excited to be able to still be open. It was a very tough time for restaurants,” said McConnell.
McConnell credits a loyal customer following, hard-working staff members, and the bistro’s location—right on the water with lots of out door seating—for helping them succeed.

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