Several European countries have tightened measures to stem the spread of coronavirus in the face of a worrying rise in infections that is putting further pressure on healthcare systems.

In France, the government on Saturday described the situation as “critical” as it added three more departments to the 16 already under tight restrictions.

Some 20 million people, including those in the greater Paris region, are classed as living in high-infection zones. They are not allowed to travel further than 10km (six miles) from their home unless they have an essential reason.

Officers at train stations, airports and toll-paying motorways began on Saturday to enforce the travel restrictions. Only shops selling food, and book and music stores are open and classrooms in high schools are only running at half the capacity.

Daily cases in France have nearly doubled since the start of March, with more than 200,000 new infections registered every week. On Saturday, it reported another 42,619 daily cases, up from 41,869 on Friday. (Al Jazeera)

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