‘Through immersive creative, our latest campaign aims to provide consumers with an inspiring feeling of escapism to remind them of the unique power that the natural world has in letting people’s best side shine through.”

The escapist spot brings this message to life with creative editing and audiovisual techniques. Evocative imagery and sense-activating sound design transport viewers into nature through a euphoric journey of different sights and sounds that brings to life the unique power the outdoors holds.

Artistically edited in an unbroken vertical panning shot, the spot follows a lime being pushed into a bottle of Corona, which is then intercut with the stream of a waterfall through different environments, a slow-flowing tropical river, water dripping from a rainforest leaf, and then finally back to the iconic Corona lime ritual, before a blissful soundtrack kicks in at the end. For this spot, Water was the natural ingredient chosen to show Corona’s deep connection to the natural world.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the campaign will run in the UK across TV, VOD, digital OOH, VOD, online, social media and audio.

Source link Corona News