CLEVELAND, Ohio – Read the latest coronavirus news from around the world, get updates on recent police shootings in Ohio and North Carolina and see more stories trending online today.

Top stories

Columbus police video shows teen charging others with knife before being shot by officer (AP)

North Carolina deputy fatally shoots Black man, but police release few details (USA Today)

After Chauvin verdict, Senate optimism grows around police reform named for George Floyd (NBC)

Advocates fear Minnesota, federal police reform efforts could lose momentum (Star Tribune)

Garland announces sweeping police probe after Chauvin verdict (AP)

What’s on the agenda for Biden’s climate summit, and who’s attending? (NY Times)

Biden to announce US will aim to cut carbon emissions by as much as 52% by 2030 at virtual climate summit (CNN)

Coronavirus news

U.S. sees unprecedented drop in vaccinations over past week (Washington Post)

Pfizer says phony COVID-19 vaccines are turning up outside the U.S. (CBS)

Experts weigh the potential harms of pausing Johnson & Johnson vaccinations (ABC News)

Michigan coronavirus cases, positivity rate starting to decline across state (Fox 2 Detroit)

California’s coronavirus case rate now the lowest in the continental U.S. (LA Times)

India sets world record for new Covid cases with 314k infections (NBC)

Other trending headlines

NASA’s Perseverance rover makes oxygen on Mars for 1st time (

Pelosi proposes equal number of Democrats and Republicans for Capitol riot commission (CBS)

Millions of Americans could be grounded from flying because of REAL ID deadline (ABC)

Report: Missing girl Kristin Smart was once buried in suspect’s father’s backyard (Yahoo)

Amazon bringing palm scanners to select Whole Foods locations (TechCrunch)

Aaron Rodgers boosted ‘Jeopardy!’ TV ratings by 14%: report (Fox News)

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